The world is broken. Information has smashed everything we knew into a million shattered pieces and here we are, burning through the heat of history trying to regain a sense of self. Trying to find connection in the world of bank monarchies, hyper materialism, miss universe competitions, empty slogans, kardashians, political catastrophes, ronald mcdonalds and child pornography, we stumble in the dark. Trying to find connection. Many of us feeling more and more isolated by the day.

Most pop culture has become zombified, repeating things that were once relevant over and over. Layers of irony and nostalgia subdue any real commentary or vital criticism. Advertising and brand recognition have completely neutered the Arts. The word ‘rockstar’ has lost the edge it once had and has now been appropriated by pop culture, transformed into a commodity to bring in huge amounts of money.

Burning bridges represents views that have lingered in our work since the beginning of our career. It intertwines music, lyrics and visuals into one thing. We use rock n roll as its musical form. Oh, not the watered down version of rock n roll that mainstream culture likes to sell to the world nowadays.


Our rock n roll is infused with punk, blood, tears, darkness, blues, poetry, movies, comic books, video games, literature, painting, blues and surf rock. Relabeled Gunblade Blues and made into a weapon of artistic transformation.

Art is not a commodity. Art should be an explosive substance that changes the world. Art connects you with others. It’s a way to speak mind to mind, eye to eye. It’s a way to combat loneliness. It’s a way to confront the pain of innocence betrayed. Real Art is self evident. It’s intense, exiting, enchanting and unsettling. Art is a weapon to confront our conditions. Radical and revolutionary elements in rock n roll are not an aberration. They are what rock n roll is for. And so here we are. We are coming. We are Hellhounds.

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